About the photographer

About the photographer


Frederic  was born in 1964 in Hyères on the French Mediterranean coast.

He is a decendent of a Spanish emigrant family. 25 years earlier, his grandfather was a political refugee of the Spanish Civil War.

In France, he is known as “The Spanish Guy”.  In Spain, he is “The French Guy “.

It is within this peasant and median working class family that he grew up and started to nurish his mind with images from humans at work.

After becoming a national champion in track and field, he stopped sports to begin his studies. He is an Engineer in Microelectronics and graduated with an MBA – IAE from La Sorbone Paris. He is now a  Subject Matter Expert in the Pharmaceutical Industry and an entrepreneur.

He moved to Barcelona in 2000 and he begun to shoot in 2001 with a Lomo Camera. In 2003 he spent one year in Taiwan. That’s the year he really began to take up photography.  From Taipei, he became a member of a Spanish group of photographers on a  Yahoo group. The webmaster was Luis Scheerer, and thanks to this entire group, he began his passion. From then on, a big part of his life is within this website.

A photographer is that person who is behind the Camera, the one who is never on the scene, a manner of confirming that one is never anywhere.

He shoots with a Leica MP, 35mm, 21 mm, 50 mm and Kodak TriX 400. A few shots are now Digital…

Dream? Become a Photographer when you grow up…

About the photographer



Great sense of perspective, amazing eye for colours, meaningful portraits, you really display an outstanding job throughout your portfolio.
Reinaldo Loureiro

Nice Job
You have a great eye, and a great way of presenting what you see. Keep up the great work.
Jennifer Catron

Eres un excelente fotógrafo !!
Marina Poblacion

very interesting and beautiful portfolio. i like very much the leica one, and all your street view. regards ilan.
Ilan Amihai

I loved the expressions Frederic, even from ur windows u created nice things through ur talented eyes. Ur creativity is GREAT! u see unusal things; maybe not unusual but something different!! So that s a KICK!! ConGRatuLaTiOns.
Ilker Gurer

You really have a great eye, and a sense for strong and clean compositions. While I appreciate your continuous research (motion in primis), I must say I find your portraits and people shots really compelling! Keep up the great work, I will follow it!
Cheers, Antonio
Antonio Carrus


An absolutely brilliant portfolio, the black and white is especially good, my kind of photography.
Patrick Eden

Todavía me pregunto como nunca había visto tu portfolio antes :). Muy bueno, felicitaciones y gracias por compartirlo.
O. Ariel Gonzalez

Portfolio de premier choix 🙂
je ne t’avais pas repéré avant , bizarre.
A vue de nez j’aime quasiment tout. Les photos de momes ( j’écris un poeme .. ) sont excellentes.
je reviendrai en examiner de temps en temps. bonne chasse.
pingu pingu

Excellent portfolio
This is one of the most interesting portfolios I’ve yet come across on Photo.net. The black and white work is especially good
David Vorland

You’re a master
Hi Frederic,
only today I took some time to look at your complete portfolio. I think you already know that I admire your shots, but what amazed me today, is that you have really an own style. Different pictures, but you by heart who is the author.
With admiration and a little bit of envy,
Bruno Trematore


Salut, c’est rare de croiser des francais par ici 🙂 J’ai commenté sur mes 2 préférés mais ya vraiment un packé de bons shoots (surtout les n&b). Par contre, change la police de ta signature lol 😀 Voila, t’es dans mes ‘intresting members list’, bonne continuation.
Olivier M.

great work
Wj Gibson

Andrea Celato

Muy buen trabajo.
Jose Caicoya

Felicidades Fred… tu portafolio es excelente. Grandioso trabajo con un toque muy personal. Saludos.
JF Ochoa

Way to go…Frederic, one of the best collections of pictures depicting people’s everyday lives. Keep shooting more
Pravs J

Ca y est. I discovered you.
Manolis Spanakis

your portfolio
very good work – compliment!
Pepe alias Boulette


A diverse body of work of a very high standard Frederic. A good eye and excellent technical skills. There are many lovely and original images here. Thanks for visiting my portfolio and for the comments on some of the pics.
Erin Boyd

Great work! Just looked thru your web site! Very nice.
Sarah Underhill

Very nice work… Interesting in reading your thread about HCB and your work. Without giving any judgement, your photos seem more “agressive”, direct and tightly framed than HCB. But still, really great stuff. Continue for our pleasure
Al Magnus

excellent !
l’ensemble de ton travail est réellement impressionnant.
bravo !
Behel Behel

Fragmented life building up, the way it really is, no more, no less. Honest, rigorous and sentimental views of what we all love, have loved and, certainly, will love.
Manolis Spanakis

A superb collection, good work
Terry Butler

Ca fait plusieurs fois que je visite ton portofolio, et je le trouve hors pair dans le style… continues, et merci pour les commentaires. Le portofolio street BW est trés bon.

Al Magnus

Salut Fred, j’ai visiter ton site et ce fut une tres bonne surprise, j’aime beaucoup le texte qui accompagne les photos.. Donc si je comprend bien ce message sera dans ton livre d’or =) Et bien un grand bravo pour ton oeil photographique remarquable et continue comme ca ! A plus 😉
Olivier M.

Your Work
I’m honestly impressed with your work. I dont think I’ve seen many more interesting “eyes” in recent time. Your way of looking at the world is refreshing and exciting, your people shots are excuisite, always a bit away from the ordinary view point and framing. I dont know if I’m allowed to say this, but I think you could improve on the post work a bit. Your balance from darkness to highlights does not match the outstanding level of your creativity and energy in the photos. Combine the two and the world is yours. Cheers.
Felix Hug

Took a good look at your work. You are a ‘people’ man. I like that. You give me new inspiration. Thanks.
Ed de Vlam


Que decirte que no te haya dicho ya. !Sigue! Veo una evolucion en tus fotos. Aumentaste un punto en calidad… o varios, no se. 🙂
Imanol Gabilondo.

First I would like to thank you for sharing you vision and experiences of life, second let you know that your pictures are great, i really like you BW documentary images.
Bobby Diba

Great street work and life capture with a strong gift for reportage your work will go a long way. Regards
Hugh Hill

Great portofolio!
Every section of it interprets everyday life so uniquely.Bravo.
Andreas Droussiotis

great portfolio. Tthanks for sharing.
Mitch Eaton

Very impressive!
hi frederic- i really love your images. you have great artistic vision! wonderful colour, comp[osition and the b&w’s are great too. really enjoyed your photographs. i will be checking back regularily! thank you!
Charlotte Aberg

Very nice portfolio, I enjoy checking it again and again to see what new images you are working on. I lived in Spain for a while and always enjoy “revisiting” in pictures as often as possible! Thanks!
Saul Zelan

Un oeil d’ailleurs
Frederic. Muy interesante portafolio. Gracias por compartirlo. Realmente me gusta tu forma de ver el mundo. Tienes un ojo aparte. (excelente pagaina web).
Luke Peters

thanx for the trip… absolutely interesting photos…thanx for sharing…
Jim Sourras

Hello Frederic, Some very nice pictures you have in this overall interesting portfolio…I especially like the Riga serie. Best Geert.
Geert Vanden Wijngaert

It’s hard to believe that you are still a beginner; web design and photos well presented and thoughtfully balanced. Mary
Yes, your stories add meaning. I went back to your site and read everything; normally I can’t abide philosophical jargon put with photos, but your stories are not this. Your web design and critical thoughts move each image peacefully along. Mary
M. Danger

“Cages were invented for something. For birds, of course. For children, too… when they are birds and you love them very much.”
Really like the website and the “stories,” Frederic. I’ve always wanted to do something similar, but still haven’t gotten close to it. Kind of a block.Stories were invented for something. For memories, of course. For photos, too… when they are memories and you love them very much.
Eugene Scherba

Words and pictures have always gone together – before letter based words, we had picture based words – words were invented so that people could communicate ‘pictures’, when you add words to your pictures, you enhance the picture – congratulations on your beautiful work
Peter A

Monkey C 

Frederic – Many wonderful photos. thanks –
Michael S

Wonderful work Frederic, gracies pel link 🙂 Oscar
Oscar R.

Salut Pascal,
Je viens de decouvrir tes images suite au gentil petit mot que tu as laisse sur une de mes photos… et j en reste sans voix tant la qualite est au rdv malgre l immense production. Chaque moment saisi est juste, a la fois spontane et tres bien pense (cadrage et lumiere). Beaucoup d images sont harmonieusement douces ET dures, cela tres bien renforce grace au N&B. Tout ca pour dire que j ai eu beaucoup de plaisir et d emotion a parcourir tes photos, et a me plonger dans tes univers, je trouve les textes associes aux images de ton site pleine de poesie, alors pour tout ?!! un immense BRAVO !
Tres bonne continuation, au plaisir de voir les suivantes.

Hi Frederic, your portfolio is very beautiful and your photos are very intense.Thanks for your comment,I think that the BW photo that you modify me it’s more beautiful! good work, claudia
Cla cala,

Dear Monsieur Friderique
Nice photos! Regards.
Bart Rozalski – Pologne

Bilgo jol production -Rouzes

Yanne Golev,

Frederic, parabéns pelo teu trabalho fotográfico.
Gosto dos temas. Espelham a vida, na simplicidade das gentes que retratas.
A luz que regista os teus enquadramentos, dá-nos a bela visão do teu Portfolio.

Um abraço, Fernando Morais

Frederic ha sido una agradable sorpresa descubrir tu portafolio. Me gusta la amplitud de temas y lugares fotografiados, asi como ese toque de reportaje que me parece tan atractivo. Gracias por compartirlas. Un abrazo.
Noel Criado López


You are more a communicator than a photographer. Both excellent and splendid! Some reminds me of Robert Doisneau, but your eyes are more journalistic and almighty.
Yasumasa Yanagisawa,

Hey hey heeey!!!
Hola Fréderic
Que bueno visitar tu página…
Me gusta lo que ven tus ojos… Dicen mucho tus imagenes
muy buenas fotos…felicidades!!
Nani, Barcelona.

FREEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD me ha encantado !!!!
Marina Poblacion Madrid

Fred………. LA PERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………….me encanta……….
Paloma Ramirez

Fred, acabo de visitar tu nueva página web y me has dejado impresionada con la calidad de todas las fotos presentadas y no solo eso, sino el diseño de la página está fenomenal y toda la presentación, por temas, muy coherente y artistica. Enhorabuena por ese trabajo tan creativo y sigue adelante con esa línea…..Saludos Belen
Belen Alvarez

No se que fue mejor si haber compartido un par de birras esta semana o poder disfrutar de tu nueva creacion!!!! Esta muy buena la web. En serio, que en serio que es muy seria! Muy profesional, me parece fina, de muy buen gusto practica y todo sin empezar a hablar de las fotos. Sinceramente muchas felicidades.

Respecto a lo que se podria criticar de la pagina es la imposibilidad de ver fotos en thumb primero o de ir a la foto numero 15 de una galeria sin pasar por todas las anteriores, eso hace que sea un poco lenta. Yo tenia tiempo y ganas asi que la mire toda pero si no es asi puede ser un handicap.

Me encantaron las fotos, las primeras sobre todo de la galeria de China, una pasada.Ah, y vi la del retrato en cuba del fotografo.

Saludos y felicidades de nuevo.
Juan Kratzmaier,


J’ai aimé beaucoup ton portofolio !!!! j’adore! je ne suis pas une
professionnelle mais ça m’a vraiment touché.Surtout l’expression des yeux que t’as pu chopé des visages, en particulier dans ” seul avec ton diner” , j’ai aimé la série de la solitude !
Et je pense que le Bangladesh en couleur c’est une bonne idée, t’as fait
sortir la gaieté de ce pays plein de carmen, jaune, ….( malgré que ce
n’est pas toujours le cas) t’as bien fait de faire sortir ton appareil de l’armoire ! et je pense qu’il ne te restera pas beaucoup d’années pour être grand, patience ….

Nadjet / Alger

Gracias Fred por compartir tus fotos. Gran trabajo y espectacular documento.
Un saludo.
Guillermo Lobera,

Por fin tuve el tiempo suficiente para ver con calma toda tu pagina, y
quiero decirte que te felicito por la presentación. Cada una de tus fotos
son una hoja esperando ser leída (en cualquier idioma) cosa que me gusta
mucho. Y la musica, complementa todo el buen trabajo que haces. Te considero
de mis fotografos favoritos! Saludos y a seguir buscando…
Mauricio Alcaraz, Mejico

Great body of work – intelligent, interesting and thought provoking images.

Intelligent image making, thought provoking, incisive and always simple and easy on the eye. Instinctive feel for compostion and colour. Superb
Amrish Patel

great collection
thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.
Anhtu Nguyen,

master’s eye
I envy you for the vision that you show in your photographs. Your portraits are very expressive and generally I like the angles that you use. Thanks a lot for sharing.
Vasilis Apostolopoulos

Maybe the most stunning portofolio on PN.Thanks for sharing a great part of the world that many of us will never see…
Matteo Ganora,

Tu trabajo es impresionante. Muy muy bueno. “Pata negra”…
Miguel Ángel Sánchez,

Frederic, un portfolio davvero incredibile, una quantit?’immagini di grande impatto, foto per tutti i gusti. Eccellente!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice Work, very interesting portfolio, The black and white work is especially good. Good work!
George Kabanis,

An interesting amazing portofolio with excellent photos. Great work, especially I like the BW photos. Congrats !

There are some great images on yor site, but what I do like is your sensibility as a image creator. tail waving and dreaming
Imants Krumins

Very strong , very expressive , very impressive and very powerfull portfolio.Really congrat…Best regards.

Salut Fred !
Très très bon travail !Ciao

Nathan – Barcelona

Hola Frederic

Acabo de visitar tu página web. Estoy muy emocionado. Me han gustado
todas tus fotos en especial las del Leica Gallery, todas y la de
” stories”.
En stories, más que las fotos, me conmueve el escrito. De un solitario,
yo, me has retratado sin estar allí.
La fotografía se ha convertido en mi compañera, gracias a ella, también
he encontrado gente especial.
David Cochran

Frederick. I like your work very much. You have a great eye, a quick finger and the courage to go your own way and carve tiny slices from the banquet of life to share with the rest of us. You serve as an inspiration to me. Regards, Jack
Jack McRitchie ,


I spend a lot of time enjoying your phantastic portfolio, you are phantastic photogra(b)pher…:-))
Darko Kordovan

outstanding stuff!

Your work is fantastic. Some shots are an absolute revelation; Photogrphers like yourself are an inspiration to me, and make me realize I am only scratching the surface of this immense artform. I enjoy your work very much, love the themes, framing and am dying to ask how you got the colour on the Cuban shots, which colour film did you use? Kindest regards and once again thank you very very nice
rob duyser

He llegado a tu página por casualidad.Pero te aseguro que la he disfrutado mucho,buen trabajo. Ah!, yo también admiro el trabajo de Atín Aya.
Ángeles Sevilla

xp no me llevaste a China, Dhaka, Argel, Cuba…? ; )
Charo Diez

A Magnum eye …

Fred, your portfolio is one of the best I’ve seen on photo.net. Your pictures sometimes make me think Cartier-Bresson, sometimes Le Querrec. Your Magnum eye ? Undoubtedly, a lot of emotions through your pictures, a lot of suggestions, a fantastic look on the people in the street.

Fantastic. You really have eye for portraits and its completely clear that you have the kill to ‘see’.
Aleks Talve

Great portfolio and wonderful use of the wide angle. Nice to have discovered your work. Bonne chance
Nour Eddine El Ghoumari

Fantastic Work!!!
Fantastico trabajo, est?mpecable.
Saludos. Alberto
Alberto Quintal

Thought I would drop you an email and say ‘Great job!” you have an excellent
eye and it clears comes through in your photography. I look forward to
seeing more of your work.

Best regards, 1
Wayne Serrano Photographer



Fredric, I am so impressed with this portfolio. You really get to the essence of people.
I like your stuff, Fredric.
Alex Shishin

Yep, some good ones there Frederic.
Stuart K.

Fred I like the way your pics change according to where you are – always strong compositions but stronger feel for people. not sure like the pushed TRX look ….
Peter A

Thanks for the link, Fred. I really enjoyed the new gallery. The 1600 TriX is grainy, but I love the atmosphere. Are you shooting w/ a 35? regards, -Mark
Mark Brennan

Wonderful photography,Frederic. Thanks for posting the link.
I particulary liked the old women and boy with his hands on his ears.
Allen Herbert

Very enjoyable, Frederic. What I admire also is your ability to achieve balance in so many of these street compositions — very much in evidence here and on the Cuba portfolio as well.
Michael S.

Some excellent shots there. I enjoyed the whole site. Thanks for sharing.
RJ Hicks

Great site and great photos! I always loved that bicycle shot, great composition!
Eric ~ 

I liked the shots. Good job.
Rene Braun

Well done Frederic..liked them much.

woww my friend what a big and strong portfolio.Last works very impressive.I ama very like them.Again congrat…


Frederic, it is such a pleasure to visit your portfolio. The street shots are terrific! Some day we have got to meet!
Alex Shishin

Glad to have found you

Inspiring work! I’ll mark you as favourite and will definitely come back to have a closer look at your photos.
Karina Brys


excellent portfolio,
salih güler

Encore de belles nouveautés sur ton site Fred….
De beaux portraits chinois….
Impatient d’en voir encore plus !
Henry Gramondo

Good “eye”
Hi Frederic. Fantastic photos and interesting point of view… with your own style. Congratulations 😉
Donibane Sanjuan

” don ‘t grow up”

before i forget: really good web-site! your collection is amazing! i wish i could rate all of the photos and giveaway tones of sevens! in your site you make a joke about becoming a professional photographer when growing up… well don t! to me you are already professional and your photos are filled with freshness, originallity and character.. stick to that! as you may understand this is an honest comment, i m not trying to be kind! [i would really appreciate it if you had suggestions on my work, for what it s worth -it s the first time i write that] nice to be here, see you around! ivi
IVI D. June

Ciao Fredt!

Hoy tuve un momentico para poder visitar, “todas” estas imagenes y lo unico que te puedo decir es que en ellas hay un arte que es rara y de la cual uno no puede pero aprender imensamente. Espero que un pelin de lo que tu dejaste en la Leica se queda conmigo y yo pueda lograr una fraccion de tu talento y tu arte.
Ciao unos saludotes y nos vemos pronto.
Marco Ruggiero


toujours un tres tres grand plaisir de venir se promener (se perdre) ici … ca fait bientot 2 ans que je viens ici de temps en temps… et la decouverte est toujours aussi grande. Merci pour ces voyages… Amicalement, Chantal.

You definitely have a Cartier-Bresson thing going on here—great eye and wonderful sensitivity—-congrats—ML

Michael Lyons

More travels for Frederic, please….!
Francesc Domènech


Frederic, tes photos sont…excellentes………..j’adore le nb de tes nombreux voyages et le caractere humain de tes priductions. Sincèment, je reste admiratif…..tes clichés ont vraiment un truc en +. Si je peux me permettre, es tu professionnel ? ou plutot etes vous professionnel ?(bah oui je pense vu la qt des compos, des tirages) J’aimerais vraiment que vous jettiez un oeil sur mes clichés et éntuellement receuillir vos critiques….
A bientot je l’espere, kilian.
Fritsch Kilian


Wonderful portfolio. Viewing your gallery is similar to discovering a good photo book in the book store. I’m serious!
Jackson Loi

Hi Frederic

Thanks for visiting my portfolio and congrats for your great photos. Yes, I am trying to recover a Rolley magic and collecting some money to buy a fm2. my best regards!
Alfredo Muñoz de Oliveira


If you can see even simple things from such an exciting perspective, your life should be fascinating! Your portfolio ist the fulfillment of street photography! Emmanuel
Emmanuel Vasmanolis


You have a great portfolio. I wish I could see things the way you do. Keep up the good work.
Todd Bennett


Great work Frederic! As usual.
By the way, what camera/lens/film did you use for these? Actually, do not answer that question – it does not matter. I was just kidding.
Ben . , feb 08, 2007


Really beauitful work. I would recommend Frederic’s site to anyone. Also, the site itself is wonderfully done. One of the better ones I’ve visited. Nice!
Tony Rowlett



This is an absolutely brilliant portfolio. There are so many photographs I want to comment on. I’ve only touched on a few. I’ll be back. Bravo.
Alex Shishin



Mi mas sincera enhorabuena.Ya ten?ganas de ver algo mas que paisajes.Tus fotos y estilo me encanta,no solo por el hecho de que estan muy bien realizadas sino por la tematica, gente,escenas,reportaje,documento por la que siento especial predileccion.Felicidades!

Un afectuoso saludo Jose Maria
Josep Maria Ramon,


Hi there
Nice eye with B&W. I liked your travel pictures, Riga is the favourite. Greetings.
Simo Hämäläinen,


Molt interessant el teu portafoli. M’agrada molt com tractes el blanc i negre pero haig de reconeixer que a mes les poques fotos de color son genials. Tornare a passar per veure mes fotos teves. Salut.


Hi Frederic, just stumbled upon your website, found very good work there! I particularly like your view on China…
Nils http://www.nils-mevenkamp.de


Frederic Pascual,

Fred, you have made me smile in a way only you could. You are the one ‘street’ artist for whom I feel the most envy (not jealousy, but envy). You have the ‘vision’ for ‘seeing’ life’s ironies.

It’s a shame we can barely communicate because of your poor English and my poor French — at least with words. But with pictures, we surely can communicate.

I have missed your presence greatly — you have left a vacuum on Photo.net by your absence. Thank you, thank you, thank you, mon ami.

(Submitted with great respect to a fine ‘street’ photographer with an appreciation of life’s ironies and absurdities, what Cartier-Bresson would have termed ‘surrealism’ I think — you are cut from the same bolt of cloth as Cartier-Bresson I think. Consider that next time you are in Hyeres, please. ;~) )

I tip my hat to a great street artist.

Thanks so much.
John (Crosley)


I have just spent a long time browsing through your fine portfolio. I will be back often. Your images are significant and wonderful. Regards…
Joseph Popper,


You have a wonderful portfolio. This is photo at its best. I’ll come back and enjoy several times in the near future.
Jon Gausdal


Great portfolio, I shall look it again.
Maria Manuela Moreira,


Great message: to deal with global people. I like it.You have an own style. BR Joerg
Jörg Vetter,


Bravo, votre portfolio est très impressionnant! Cordialement Bertrand
Bertrand Garnier


well done- i especially like street photos/ crowds- it seems like you are right in the centre of it all. lovely tones & composition. a lot of great work!
William Kenrick


yalcin bocugoz


Me ha gustado mucho descubrir tu portfolio en photo.net y tambien tu pagina web. Hay tantas fotos que merecen ser vistas. Me gusta tu trabajo en blanco y negro, tienes un gran sentido de la composicion y del uso de la luz. He dejado comentarios en tres fotos que me han encantado: Half Girl, Two girls in La Havana y Le petit prince, pero solo son tres de muchas.

Enhorabuena por tu portfolio y tu vision.
Jan Van Laethem


Buenas imagenes
Llegue a tu portafolio a treves de una foto que vi en la seccion de criticas. Me ha gustado mucho tu trabajo; las imagenes son muy expresivas y las tonalidades de blanco y negro estan muy bien logrados, le suman mucha informacion al contexto. Las fotos de Cuba me gustaron, siempre me gusta ver fotos de mi pais…Un saludo.
Sergio de los Reyes ,


Thanks for your visit Frederic and for your comment. Unfortunatly I had to quit PLR because is to hard for me to follow that task. Photography is only a hobby for me, all my pictures are taken with a pocket camera… I travel a lot ( as you can see) and I have not time to read hundreds of emails about PLR activities….. I enjoy to stay in PN and visit good photographer like You… Thank you again,
aolo Carpi ,


it took me ages to find your portfolio but i am very glad i am finally here. i find it very interesting to go through your folio from top to bottom, because it is very obvious how much you learned over the years. it is great how you seem to be ever ready, and i find that truly inspirational, because this is something i have to work on. of course you also reached a very high artistic level, and your way of seeing is truly inspiring. thanks for sharing on this site, best, fr.

Florian Rainer



You ability to capture life in progress with raw authentic spontaneity is a delight. I always enjoy your view on the world. You are a tremendous talent.
Kent B


Expressive street work! I remember your visit to Riga was mentioned in some newspapers, I recognize some of the photos from there.
Janis Katlaps



It was real aesthetic pleasure for me to browse through your portfolio. You have a good photographic eye and fast reflection and have presented pictures both human, touching and with style. In particular your B&W works. Thanks for sharing and congratulations.
Atana Sartmadjiev,


Excellent, excellent work. I think your use of wide angle is especially, unusually effective. Some great images. Please keep it up.
Camus Wyatt


Leica Master!

I love the BW photos taken with your Leica. Amazing Bravo.
Francesco Francesco Villanese


What to say… superb portfolio. Your work is instinctive and it’s what I like most. And your style, shadows usage in particular, is really good to me. Thanks to share….
Ivano Cortesini


Bonjour Frédéric, Je viens de découvrir par hasard votre site internet avec vos photos. J’ai été bluffé par votre style, vos choix esthétiques et votre souci des personnes en situation de vie. Très sincèrement, je vous félicite. Je regrette de ne pas avoir eu connaissance de ces activités lorsque nous nous sommes rencontrés à diverses reprises. J’espère que nous aurons de nouvelles occasions pour parler de cette passion. Je vous souhaite d’excellentes fêtes de fin d’année.
Bien à vous le French guy en Espagne et l’Espagnol en France